Vaccine Update


* Information used in this update is correct as of  Friday 21 January. Please check this page regularly as the information may change. Always defer to the more specific personalised advice that you may receive from your own GP or other healthcare professional. 

Throughout the pandemic, many of you have been in touch with me regarding the vaccine programme roll out. This is something I am working on incredibly closely with our local health providers. I am keen to ensure everyone has as much information as possible. I have therefore captured below the most up to date information that I have. I will provide further updates as and when new information becomes available.

As ever, if you have any further questions or wish to discuss a specific case please email me at


Q. How do I book my Booster Vaccine?

You can book your COVID-19 booster vaccine dose online or attend a walk-in vaccination centre three months after your second dose. Book your COVID-19 booster vaccine appointment If you make a booking and can't attend - do ensure you cancel - at the moment no-shows are running at around 10% and this is preventing other people from being vaccinated.


Q. Where in the constituency can I be vaccinated? 

There are two specific vaccination sites within the constituency where you can receive your vaccine: St Mary's Church Hall, 1 London Road, Swanley and Sevenoaks Pharmacy, Dartford Road, Sevenoaks. To check availability please visit:… - PLEASE NOTE - appointments are opening all the time - do check each day as you may be able to get a sooner appointment. The system will let you check without cancelling a later appointment (if you already have one booked) Also, some individual doctors surgeries are also providing vaccinations - please see below. This weekend on Sunday 23 January there will also be a walk-in situated at Bligh's Meadow, Sevenoaks (see below)

    St Mary's Church Hall, 1 London Road, Swanley

    • Whilst walk-ins are available for those aged 12 and over (see opening hours below), please pre-book on the National Booking Service or by phoning 119 as this helps the planning vaccinations. There is large capacity in Swanley. If you live in Sevenoaks or surrounding areas and are able easily to drive or get a train to Swanley, please consider this option.  

    Pfizer clinics:

    • Monday 17 January: 9am - 2pm
      Tuesday 18 January: 9am - 2pm
      Wednesday 19 January 9am - 7.30pm
      Thursday 20 January 9am - 7.30pm
      Friday 21 January 9am - 7.30pm
      Saturday 22 January: 8am - 4.30pm
      Sunday 23 January: 12.30pm - 7.30pm

    Sevenoaks Pharmacy 42 Dartford Rd, Sevenoaks TN13 3TQ

    • The service is available during the hours set out for below for both appointments and walk-ins for those aged 16+ - Pfizer is being offered
    • You can book through… or dial 119 for an appointment. If an appointment does not show, do please try again as appointments are added on a daily basis.
    • The hours of operation are as follows:
      • Friday 21 January  8am to Noon and 1pm to 4pm
      • Monday 24 January 9am to Noon and 1pm to 5pm
      • Tuesday 25 January  9am to 11.30am and 1pm to 5pm
      • Wednesday 26 January  9am to Noon and 1pm to 5pm
      • Thursday 27 January  8am to Noon and 1pm to 4pm
      • Friday 28 January  8am to Noon and 1pm to 4pm
    • Please consider booking as this makes planning of services easier and be prepared to use other vaccination locations to obtain a sooner date. As mentioned above, additional appointments are being added, so do check daily if you want to try and bring an existing later appointment forward - or wish to avoid a walk-in - as there is likely to be a wait for walk-ins. 
    • The entrance to receive the vaccine is in Holly Bush Lane.
    • Parking is available on Dartford Road, on the right as you head into Sevenoaks Town. Other spaces are available nearby.
    • If you have trouble walking, there are spaces reserved outside the entrance in Holly Bush Lane either for drop off or parking.
    • Please do not park in these spaces if you are able to walk 2-3 minutes – they need to be reserved for those with  severe mobility problems.
    • If you have any concerns, staff at the entrance will be able to help you.

    Other Pharmacies

    • The NHS may offer you other pharmacy locations outside of the constituency. The nearest are:
    • Boots, Bluewater 
    • Aspire Sidcup High Street, Sidcup
    • Avicenna Pharmacy, Tonbridge
    • Pharmacy2U, Tunbridge Wells

    Pop up sites

    • On Sunday 23rd January there is a pop up sight at Bligh's Meadow in Sevenoaks. The site will be open from 10am to 4pm, for 16 year olds and over. They will be administering the Pfizer vaccine and booster only. 
    • There is also a pop-up site open at the Sovereign Way East Car Park, Sovereign Way, Tonbridge, TN9 1RG - close to the railway station. This is an appointment only location and you book it through the national booking service… or by dialling 119 for an appointment. If an appointment does not show, do please try again as appointments are added on a daily basis.

    GP Practices

    • Booster vaccinations for those 18+ will now be provided at surgeries within Sevenoaks, Otford and Westerham.
    • If you are a patient at these practices you are able still to make a booking through the national booking service - or attend a walk-in
    • Jubilee Clinic in New Ash Green are providing booster vaccinations - however if you are a patient here and drive  - please consider booking through the national booking service for Swanley - where there is large capacity. 
    • Patients at West Kingsdown are being contacted to be offered appointments for vaccination - please also consider booking through the national booking service for Swanley - where there is large capacity. 
    • Patients in Swanley, Hextable, Devon Road and Farningham should either book Swanley through the national booking - otherwise walk-in appointments are available there.


    Q. What is the situation for those under-18?

    Children and young people aged between 12 and 17 are eligible for a 2nd dose and can book a vaccine appointment online through the National Booking Service…  or by calling 119. The second dose must be at least 12 weeks after the first dose.

    Children aged 12 to 15, if a booking hasn't been made through the National Booking Service, will be offered a second dose of vaccine as part of the school-based COVID-19 vaccination programme from 10 January 2022 onwards. Children who have not had their first dose will also be able to be vaccinated during these sessions. A consent form and information leaflet provided by the SAIS team will be used to seek parental consent. Parents will also be provided with a contact number for the SAIS team in case of any queries. Forms should be returned by the deadline agreed with the team. You may be asked to collect these forms from parents on behalf of the SAIS provider team or it may be done electronically.

    The school can play an important role by:

    • sharing the leaflets and information
    • signposting parents and children to official sources of information on vaccines
    • sending out email links, letters and reminders

    Parents can now also book a vaccination for children aged 12 - 15 through the national booking service via this link 

    • You can book your child's 1st dose online from the day they turn 12.
    • You can usually book their 2nd dose from 24 hours after they had their 1st dose.
    • You'll be offered appointment dates from 12 weeks after their 1st dose.
    • Please choose a suitable appointment date when booking. You can also cancel and rebook an existing appointment for a later date if needed.


    Q. Can I be vaccinated if I have had a positive COVID-19 test

    If you've had a positive COVID-19 test, you need to wait before getting any dose of the vaccine. You need to:

    • wait 4 weeks (28 days) if you're aged 18 years old or over
    • wait 12 weeks (84 days) if you're aged 12 to 17 years old
    • wait 4 weeks (28 days) if you're aged 12 to 17 years old and at high-risk from COVID-19

    This starts from the date you had symptoms, or the date of the positive test if you did not have any symptoms.


    Q. Which COVID-19 vaccine will I get?

    Most people will be offered a booster dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine or Moderna vaccine.

    This means your booster dose may be different from the vaccines you had for your 1st and 2nd doses.

    Some people may be offered a booster dose of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine if they cannot have the Pfizer/BioNTech or Moderna vaccine.


    Q. Should I receive a COVID-19 vaccine and flu vaccine together? 

    Most people who can get a COVID-19 booster vaccine are also eligible for the annual flu vaccine.

    If you are offered both vaccines, it's safe to have them at the same time.

    Find out more about the flu vaccine


    Q. Where can I find the latest data on the total number of vaccinations in England? 

    The latest stats for England can be found:


    Q. How can I obtain an asymptomatic test?

    If you need to be tested, you can either:



    I have been made aware that some people are receiving fraudulent calls and text messages offering the Covid-19 vaccination.

    In some cases, people are asked to press a number on their keypad or to send a text message to confirm they wish to receive the vaccine. Doing so is likely to result in a charge being applied to their phone bill. In other cases, callers are offering the vaccine for a fee or asking for bank details.

    Please be alert to these scams.

    The vaccine is only available from the NHS and the NHS will contact you when it is your turn. 

    The NHS will:

    • NEVER ask you to press a button on your keypad to confirm you want a vaccine.
    • NEVER ask for payment for the vaccine or for your bank details.

    If you receive a call you believe to be fraudulent, hang up.

    If you believe you have been the victim of fraud or identity theft you should report this directly to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040. Where the victim is vulnerable, report it to Kent Police online or phone 101.